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Alma F. Cavagnaro
From the Boston Globe Wednesday August 12, 1925
Winnipesaukee Beauty Prize Carried Off By Boston Girl

Alma F. Cavagnaro, the very first Miss Winnipesaukee.
THE WEIRS, NH. Aug 11 – Miss Alma F. Cavagnaro of Boston was selected as Miss Winnipesaukee when she won the beauty contest at Irwin’s Winnipesaukee Gardens last night. More than 3000 persons were present at the contest and the 10th annual official championship contest of ballroom dancing.

Alma relaxing at the Cavagnaro summer home on Lake Winnisquam.
The old-fashioned waltz contest was won by Thomas Loughlin and Miss Catherine Peters of Dover, and a dancing contest won by Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Davis of Lakeport. The winners were awarded silver trophies. Following the contest there was a grand march led by the winners of the contests.

The judges for the dancing were George Pirrie and Nick Boland, and for the beauty contest James R. Irwin, Roscoe Wright of Tilton and Edward Dorn of Boston.

Miss Cavagnaro, who is 21 years old, is the daughter of Police Inspector and Mrs. Joseph Cavagnaro of Boston. She is a blonde, 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 130 pounds and has classical features. She is a summer resident of Lake Winnisquam.


Home Better Than Paris, Declares Prize Beauty
If you won a one-way trip to Paris, what would you do with it? “Stay at home,” said Miss Alma Cavagnaro, prize beauty of Boston and Lake Winnisquam, NH.

Miss Alma really had to decide that question, for they gave her the price of the trip when she was chosen as “Miss Winnipesaukee” at the beauty contest conducted last week at The Weirs.

Alma (top) with her two lovely sisters, Addie and Florence.
She is the daughter of Police Inspector and Mrs. Joseph L.A. Cavagnaro of Boston, who specialize in pretty daughters. Witness Addie and Florence, both of them “easy to look at,” according to all the judges. At her parents’ Summer cottage at Lake Winnisquam, Miss Alma hasn’t yet recovered from the shock of finding herself the most beautiful girl on Lake Winnipesaukee.

“What do I do about my looks?” she repeated when asked that question. “Why, nothing. If there’s any credit, it’s due to Father and Mother. I love to be out of doors, and I eat and sleep well, walk a lot and enjoy life. No cosmetics except fresh air, sun and exercise.”

She was very much relieved when she found that she wasn’t obliged to spend the prize money as suggested by the judges. There were plenty to advise Alma.

“One way? Of course!” said a world traveler, “Nobody who once gets to Paris wants to get back. A return ticket would just be thrown away.”

“Well, I’m coming back,” retorted the successful beauty. “What, leave Mother and Dad and the girls? I haven’t decided yet what I shall do with the prize money, but it certainly won’t be going to Paris – not till I can take the family with me!”

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