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Mildred Yore
From the Laconia Evening Citizen Saturday August 11, 1928
Miss Mildred Yore Wins Title of “Miss Winnipesaukee” for 1928

Miss Mildred Yore of Brookline, Mass. won the title of “Miss Winnipesaukee” at the Winnipesaukee Gardens last night. The contest was close and the judges decision was three to two in favor of Miss Yore. The winner is a brunette. Miss Yore is stopping at the Hotel Samoset.

The second place award went to Miss Madeline Harrington of Boston, Mass. Miss Harrington is a blonde. The professional cabaret revue was one of the best seen in a long time, and a large crowd of dancers were in attendance at the Gardens for this gala affair.

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From the Laconia Evening Citizen Saturday August 10, 1928
Annual Bathing Beauty Ball at Winnipesaukee Gardens Tonight
Tonight at eight o’clock the doors of the Winnipesaukee Gardens will open to usher in another Annual Bathing Beauty Contest at Jim Irwin’s popular ballroom. “Miss Winnipesaukee” will be chosen from amongst the fair girls, and the cup will be presented to the lucky girl whose charms win for her the highest honors attainable in this section of New Hampshire.

As in former years, the popular Gardens is expected to be thronged for this contest and many girls are expected to compete. Entertainment will be added further in the way of having a Professional Cabaret Revue, consisting of six pretty girls and a Master of Ceremonies, who will conduct this particular part of the program.

The professional girls will not be allowed to compete in the contest, which is only open to local girls and summer visitors. Some girls will probably raise to great fame and movie stardom as a result of winning the Cup and title, “Miss Winnipesaukee.”

For the occasion Proprietor James R. Irwin has arranged the dancing to last until four a.m. the next morning. It is planned to make this the biggest dance of the season. The occasion will be made even more vivid when the moving picture “Silk Legs”, starring Madge Bellamy, is played on a screen overlooking the dance floor.

Come on girls; don your best bathing suits. The kind that is striking in color, and portrays your figure to advantage, is the kind that will make the judges ponder and ponder, before they render a close decision. Who will be the lucky girl? Irwin’s Winnipesaukee Garden, The Weirs, tonight Annual Bathing Beauty Contest. Dancing until 4 a.m. Help us select “Miss Winnipesaukee!”