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Hazel Burbank
Brockton High School Girl Again Miss Winnipesaukee

Miss Hazel Burbank of Brockton, Mass., and Pinnacle Park, Meredith, won the title of Miss Winnipesaukee for the second time last night at the Weirs ballroom and was presented a cup by James R. Irwin. Hazel will be a senior in the Brockton High School this fall. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Burbank have a camp at Pinnacle Park, and her dad is the with the United Shoe in Brockton.

She is a dainty, slender brunette and last night wore a rose colored bathing suit. Her escort was Melvin Brungot of the Concord Employment service office, a Berlin youth whose mother, Mrs. Hilda Brungot, is a former member of the New Hampshire legislature.

Also in the contest was Miss Arlene Martineau, local hairdresser in a two-piece royal blue bathing suit. Dancing with her was Al Boudreau of the Weirs.

Marjorie Willard of Marblehead represented Lake Shore park in a white shorts costume. She is a pretty blonde with a becoming tan and her partner was Tom Phillips of Boston and the park.

James R. Irwin announced that only girls in bathing and short costumes would be eligible.

Dean Hudson and his team including the popular Frances soloist, were given a warm reception and introduced a number of new tunes guaranteed to make anyone jitter. Dean is slated soon for a commission as captain and in Savannah played nights and hurried to training camp days, making his schedule a strenuous one.

A striking looking young couple took part. They were Miss Marilyn Meehan, Dorchester High School senior who was spending her vacation in Bristol, with Bill Beaupre of the Jungle ballroom of Crystal Lake, both vivid blondes in gay costumes. Bill, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beaupre – his father is the foundry business in Franklin – sings and plays at Crystal Lake in Florida. He is featured as King Calliope of the New Yorkers. In England and in Jamaica, he said, he had been taken for Edwaed, Duke of Windsor. He had a sports jacket of many colors and blue slacks. Marilyn changed from a blue organdie long gown to a white sports costume with bands of black.

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