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Berta Magnuson
From the Laconia Evening Citizen 1942
1942 Cup Awarded to Berta Magnuson Who Summers at Lake Shore Park (pageant held Wednesday, August 26th)

To a blue eyed smiling brunette, Miss Berta Magnuson of Beverly Mass. and Lake Shore Park, went the coveted Miss Winnipesaukee title last night at the Winnipesaukee Gardens.

Berta, the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Magnus Magnuson, is 19, five foot five, weighs 115 and is an expert swimmer and diver. Her father formerly had a trawler. He is now with the Coast Guard. She was in a shell pink bathing suit. There were three runners-up.

June Jorgensen, also of Beverly, a striking blonde, is Berta’s chum. She is an outstanding swimmer and dove off the Steamer Mount Washington when that was christened. She has done exhibition diving at The Weirs several times.

Outstanding about Patsy Ruth Fitch of St. Petersburg was her long hair which was much admired. She was in a multi colored bathing suit.

Vera Tucker, the only Laconia entry, is a vivacious brunette and her swim suit was of black with touches of white.

James R. Irwin presented the 1942 cup and referred to the gasless age of 1942.

The girls promenaded to the strains of “Ain’t She Sweet.”

The decision of the judges was met by acclaim and the Lake Shore fans in the balcony gave long applause for Berta and June when their names were announced.

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